Southeast Region Pop Warner FAQ

Find answers to most frequently asked questions.

Q. Do I have to Complete the entire course all at the same time?

A. No, you can complete the course on your own schedule. So if you want to complete a few chapters one night, then a few more later that week, you can do so. However, you won't be completely re-certified until all chapters are complete.

Q. Does this meet my full re-certification requirements for the Southeast Region?

A. The Southeast Region Pop Warner Online Re-Certification Course meets the full requirement for football, cheer/dance coaches and administrators.

Keep in mind that you must have successfully completed a live, hands-on clinic administered by the Southeast Region or one of its leagues.

Q. How do I redeem a Promo Code that my league/association has purchased for me?

A. To use the promotional code, just go through the same process as you would if you were paying.

1. Log in to the course.
2. Select "Pay Now" next to the appropriate course (football or spirit) you are taking.
3. In the Promotional code spot, put in your promo code provided to you.
4. Skip the credit card and billing info, and then at the bottom of the page, just select "Process Payment."

This will successfuly complete your registration for the course, and you may begin at any time.

Q. How long does it take to complete the Football Certification Course

A. The Football Certification Course is 6 Chapter and will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Q. How long will I be certified for?

A. Once you complete the Football or Spirit Coaching Certification Course, you will be certified for 3 years

Q. What browsers are the certification course optimized for?

A. Internet Explorer 7/8, Firefox and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, please update your browser by visiting the Microsoft website.

Q. What happens if I receive a blank screen when trying to view the content?

A. If you receive a blank screen, that is due to a compatibility issue with your browser. Below is a listed of supported browsers for the online course. You may also try logging out, then logging back in to see if this corrects the problem.

Recommended Browsers:

Internet Explorer 7/8
Mozilla Firefox 3.6
Safari 4

Q. What is a Promotional Code?

A. A Promotional Code is used when a league or association is paying for multiple course registrations all at once. An association or league can purchase multiple promo codes if they are paying for their program's course fees. The promo codes are then provided to each user and allows them to start taking the course without paying.

Q. What Payment Methods do the Southeast Region accept for this course?

A. The Southeast Region accepts VISA, Mastercard & Discover to pay for the online re-certification training.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the course?

A. If you have a general question or technical issue about the Southeast Region Online Re-Certification course, please submit your questions to us through the "HELP" section located at the top-right side of the navigation bar. We will respond to your question as quickly as possible.